How to download Betway Mobile App on Android?

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Betway is a giant worldwide provider of various games of chances, including betting-activities, casino one’s, slots and other games. It is forms a Betway Group – superior company on this industry, covering several continents and numerous dozens of countries with their services. Their maternal company is Rosehall Global – they both based on Malta and managed from United Kingdom where head office is located in.

Betway also pays a lot attention to the eSports activity: providing wide markets on cybersports betting and positionite themselves as a major contributor in the developement of industry. For example, they are partners of Berlin International Gaming (BIG), Invictus Gaming, MiBR and Ninjas in Pyjamas (NiP), which are the world biggerst eSports teams.

The company has developed their own Betway app. It presented in 2 versions: a betting-app and casino-app.

Both platforms are applicable for Android and iOS and can be downloaded through our link.

Now, let’s turn to the downloading procedure.

First of all, check yourself are you following requirements to gamble.

You’re 18 years old or elder?

You aware that you may lose your money or even gain a profits?

You have got an Android-powered device with OS Android 2.0 or higher?

If you answered «Yes» on all of the questions, then you deserve to taste this fruit. Go through link and follow what is written here. Immediately.

How to install Betway Mobile App on Android?

betway in the play market

You’ve downloaded it, registered in it, ready to roll, aren’t you? Then run the file. An error may occur while the procedure proceeding — it might ask for a permission to upload files from the sources your phone doesn’t know. To overcome this situation and make your phone ready for new possibilities, do the following:

  1. Move to «Setting»
  2. Once you moved there, keep going, move to «Privacy/Security» next
  3. Give you permission of downloading from other sourses
  4. Close your setting and try everything again

betway score in play market

Well done, buddy! Hope your phone won’t be broken in near future.

How to download Betway Mobile App on iOS?

betway homepage on iosregistration form in the betway application on ioscasino in betway mobile app on iphone

You’ll been atentevely waiting during last tutorial reading to recognize tutorial for iOS system? Now it’s your turn.

As well as in previous case, use the link which would transfer you to AppStore with betway app download.

If that hasn’t happened, because the app is prohibited in your region, then you are living in country with strict rules for gambling. India included in that list. That’s pity. But there is a solution we will currently open for you.

How to install Betway Mobile App on iOS?

betway in the app store

You need to change the region of presence of your AppStore account. It is legal, for sure. Also it’s easy to proceed, by the way.

  1. Move to «Settings»
  2. Look the highest tab with your profile and maybe your photo (you’re looking good on it)
  3. Click on the tab —> «iTunes and AppStore» —> Your «Apple ID»
  4. Change the region on country where the rules for gambling is more smooth (e.g. Cyprus)
  5. Restart your phone and try to download the app one more time

betway rating on the app store

You are able to change everything back once it would be downloaded. Instructions is equal. Imagine that as you’ve flied to Vegas to gamble on weekends and returned back. Now Vegas is in your smartphone.

Mobile Version of Betway

betting line in betway mobile site

In case you dislike applications and try to use the platfrom from it’s origin, Mobile betway app has a perfect optimizationed platform, accessible from any smartphone or tablet with any screen resolution. Want to see it? Enjoy.

Get bonus 200 $

You can visit it via any existing mobile browsers, like:

  • Google Chrome Mobile
  • Opera Touch
  • Safari
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge (why you’re using Microsoft Edge, come on?)

Even Tor Browser

What are the benefits of using Mobile App instead of Mobile Version?

If such question has appeared in your mind, then we would try to answer.

Obviously, there aren’t. Application designed the same way as mobile version. But it ensures you with a higher level of safety. It can be achieved through enabling two-factors authonification and Touch ID (or even Face ID if you have one) to enter to your account.

Furthermore, it is more stable. With browser it might occur some system errors or bags or even breakdowns. Especially, if you’re surfing a lot through your browser. Mobile application rescue you from it, so you can keep on surfing. Try to catch your wave.

System Requirements and Info for Android

betway mobile app information for android

  • Cost – Free
  • Category – Gambling
  • Size – 28.8MB
  • Requirements for OS – Android 2.0 or higher
  • Release Date – 2017, April 12
  • Downloads – 889 113

The app shows great functionality on such devices, as:

  • Samsung Galaxy S10e
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 10+
  • Huawei P30 Pro
  • LG G8 ThinQ
  • Nokia 7.1
  • Motorola Moto G7 Power
  • OnePlus 7 Pro
  • Google Pixel 4

System Requirements and Info for iOS

betway mobile app information on iphone

  • Cost – Free
  • Category – Sports
  • Size – 32.2MB
  • Requirements for OS – iOS 11 or higher
  • Provider – «London Bridge Media Ltd»
  • Applicable devices – iPhone and iPad

Application would run extremely rapid on such products, like:

  • iPhone 11 Pro
  • iPhone 11
  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone 8
  • iPhone 8 Plus

Most common questions from Betway app users

🏏  Should I pay for download betway app?

Only your time and 28.8MB or 32.2MB of your phone’s memory capacity

🏏  What versions of Android is applicable to Betway App?

The latest one’s started from 2.0

🏏  How to enter to the Betway?

Neo, I’ve got a 2 pills: one would register you in Betway and give a chance to face a thrill adventure; another one would keep you outside of this and you’ll regret it untill the end

🏏  How to make a deposit for Batway in India?

Immediately. Indian can use their credit/debit cards or use a bank transfer through individual bank account

🏏  How to make a withdrawal for Betway in India?

The same way that you made a deposit: via credit/debit bank card or though bank transfer. Be aware that limits for payouts starts from 10£ or 960 Indian Rupees

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